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The Repeater Under the Stairs
It's 100 feet from here to the antenna on the roof.
A close-up of the "rack" inside the cage.
The power supply is at bottom, then the duplexer, then the remote base deck, then the transmitter/receiver/controller deck.
On top is the power amp and cooling fan
This is the transmitter/receiver/controller deck. The transmitter is on the right, and the receiver is on the left. The small boxes on top of the receiver are a preselector and preamp. The control board is in the bottom section.
This is the remote base. The 222 MHz is on the left, and the 2 meter is on the right. Both use an FC-1 interface board connected to an Icom hanbheld. The 2 meter handheld is an IC2AT, and the 222 MHz is an IC3AT. The RF-tight covers are opened here for the photo.
Here's that antenna. The main repeater antenna is a DB products 8 bay folded dipole array. Not visible from this angle is the remote base antenna. It is a discone. It is used for both 222 MHz and Two meters. The other antenna is a company antenna (USF).

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